002: The Media Conundrum

— 2 minute read

Something that is imperative to get working before I embark on using the JAMstack to build the new Piccalilli system is media—specifically images. The newsletter features images for almost every link that I share, so I need to be able to:

  • Serve optimised images
  • Utilise modern responsive image techniques
  • Be able to upload images both with Netlify CMS and “manually” without much fuss

I thought that an AWS S3 bucket setup with imgix serving the images would be ideal, so I sent out a tweet looking for advice. Good ol’ Phil pointed me in the direction of Netlify Large Media and holy heck, it seemed absolutely perfect.

But then, trying to implement that setup was pretty grim. I really struggled and couldn’t get it to work with the CMS at all. After a load of searching around, I kept seeing Uploadcare being mentioned. I checked it out, followed the guide and boom: images working via a CDN like a charm! Here’s my cat to celebrate, using their transforms.

My cat, sat on my lap
My cat, sat on my lap

This could be the winning setup for this project. Let’s see how it holds up with some light prototyping of a newsletter issue.

Update: I just switched up to use Cloudinary instead and it is much better. Also, my pal Eric is the Web Platform Advocate there, so you know that they're good people. I’m also very interested in the video processing stuff that they do.