007: Design discovery part 3 — answering my own questions

— 2 minute read

I’ve done my survey, so I feel like I can now answer the questions that I set out in part 1 of the design discovery posts.

What is the purpose of Piccalilli? permalink

The purpose of Piccalilli is to provide folks with a source of inspiration and learning material for my favourite language on the web: CSS. The long-term goal is for there to be a huge archive of resources that I’ve hand-picked or created for people to use, permanently.

How many users are interacting with it, currently? permalink

The current count of subscribers at the time of writing is 1200, with an average open rate of 75%. When passing traffic to the site is accounted for, each issue probably currently gets around 2000 people’s eyes on it.

What are the most common friction points within the current product? permalink

  • The current platform doesn’t make managing content very easy for me
  • I have no actual ownership of the content because Curated could just disappear one day
  • The issues and site in general are currently inaccessible
  • Images are not as optimised as they could be and no facility alt text is provided

How is Piccalilli’s performance currently measured? permalink

The performance is currently measured with Curated’s analytics, which measures subscription count, un-subscription count and general stats about issues such as open rate, clicks and individual link clicks.

The only performance I’m interested in moving forward is:

  • How many subscribers I have
  • How many emails arrived successfully
  • How the site continues to perform (perf, perf budget, accessibility)

Do users struggle to sign up or read each issue? permalink

Folks without disabilities appear to have no major issues signing up or reading each issue. I can’t 100% speak for folks that do have disabilities, but it’s safe to presume that their experience on the site and in their email client is suboptimal because of the accessibility issues.